For 20 years I have been helping organizations to implement major changes and transformations as an expert, change manager, trainer, team builder and coach. As I have a passion for people, at the same time I focused on individuals to help them deal with organizational and personal change. In order to be adequately equipped for this I have been extensively trained in individual and group coaching as well as in several therapeutic approaches and models, and assisted individuals in personal development and growth.

For the last 4 years I have been studying and practicing spirituality and meditation.

I underwent a major personal transformation myself which enriched the quality of my life significantly.

I decided to share this experience with others, and to guide them in this wonderful and rewarding journey.

Since mid-2014 I have been working with individuals and groups on spiritual growth, personal transformation, meditation, dealing with challenges in life, as well as on happiness, fulfillment and experiencing life more fully.

My approach is very individualized, highly pragmatic, holistic and integrative. I learned from different spiritual traditions and keep expanding my horizon. I was inspired, amongst others, by Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Tantra and shamanism.

I also practice spiritual and energetic healing to help people deal with emotions, thinking patterns and health problems which sometimes get in the way of their growth, or, more precisely, can be seen as wake-up calls to change existing patterns in life and to open up to a deeper connection to their soul mission.

I learned and keep learning a lot from my personal experience in life. I also learn so much by guiding individuals very intensely, and this helps me to gain a better understanding of life, of existence, of the nature of reality and of difficulties. I live every experience very consciously and aware, and I systematically debrief the situations experienced.

Life thus becomes a never-ending opportunity for learning, growth, change and transformation.

When I assist others in their personal development or spiritual guidance, my previous professional and personal experience proves to be very useful. Over time I developed a broad range of competencies and experience with individuals, organizations and groups on professional, personal and interpersonal themes.

I also have a long track record in change management, organizational and personal transformation, training and coaching.

You will find more information about my professional experience on my website www.coachingtoresults.be.

  • 2 Master of Science degrees
  • 2 long term university degrees
  • Certified coach (Professional Certified Coach PCC accreditation by the International Coach Federation ICF, practicing 14 years)
  • Therapist (training in 3 different approaches)
  • Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Certified hypnotist (National Guild of Hypnotists, USA).

I have extensive experience with multicultural and multinational environments.

I worked with about 2000 people of more than 80 nationalities.

I am fully trilingual English - French - Dutch, and I do speak some German.